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A big Thank you

On Saturday October 27th 2012 Andrew Precy MP presented well earned certificates of appreciation to the 1348 retsoration team.

1348 is now complete, almost.

We also announced our next project Doncaster 375.


1348 enters service at Sandtoft

Two years hard work resulted in 1348 being launched into Service during the Sandtoft London Weekend.

For photos of the day, starting with 1348 test running in the morning visit

1348 is almost ready for Sunday’s Launch


1348 behind workshop doors

1348 behind workshop doors

Brian Maguire black lining
Brian Maguire black lining

Francis Whitehead advert fixing
Francis Whitehead advert fixing




Progressing towards launch day

Here are photos of 1348  undergoing its three weeks of painting and  the newly upholstered lower deck seats.

Paint work

Paint work

Lower deck seats
Lower deck seats

1348′s Official Launch into Service at Sandtoft

On Sunday August 26  during  The Trolleybus Museum’s London Weekend 1348 will be officially launched into service.

Do come along a experience a ride on this fine vehicle.

The Museum will be open from 11 am until 6 pm.

Unfortunately there is no public transport to the museum on Sundays.

A free bus will operate from Doncaster bus station (bay C6), next to the railway station  on MONDAY departing at 12 noon and will return departing from Sandtoft at 4 pm.

Gathering a Sucess

The Sandtoft Gathering was held two week early in 2012 due to the Olympic Games. On the big day, Sunday 15 July ,the sun shone and folks arrived by the bus load. The buses arriving from Doncaster were well loaded. Much interest was shown in 1348 which stood just inside the shed with the front destination box removed.

Watch a slide show of the event

Seat Backs

Before seats can be upholstered it has been necessary to repair and in some cases reconstruct seat backs.
The photo shows  before and after seat backs.

Seat backs

Seat backs before and after restoration

On Show at 2012 Gathering

A video crew from Carlton Colville came to Sandtoft on Saturday 14 July to record progress with 1348.

John Crossley explians the brakes.

Len Smith talks electrics

Brian Maguire shows rot in the front blind box

John Crossley explains the brakes

Len Smith talks electrics
Brian Maguire points to rot in the front blind box
Upper deck front without blind box
London buses at Sandtoft this weekend
London buses at Sandtoft this weekend





Rear lamp fittings needed

We urgently need to source two rear lamp fittings a shown in the photo.

Rear Lamp fitting